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*hoards the url transvestitegirl*

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My sun is Aquarius my rising is Cancer and my moon is Aries so 😈

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Tbh I’m accepting pickle juice rn 😔

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moment 4 on by tinashe x nicki minaj
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 At the end, thirty feet or so from the counter that closed the entrance, a grinning Negro face bobbed and grimaced through a hole in the back curtain painted to represent a jungle river. The Negro’s head came right out of the spread terrific jaws of a crocodile. “Hit the nigger in the head, get a good ten cent seegar,” the barker said. “Three balls for a dime, folks. Try your skill and accuracy. Hit the nigger baby on the head get a handsome cane and pennant.

"Riverview Amusement park in Chicago Illinois, was well known for their popular African Dip attraction, which was a staple there until the late 1950s."
late 1950’slate 1950’slate 1950’s
scope your grandparents though
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Anonymous: Hey rashida love your blog hope ur having a good day but i have a question, what does Naomi mean to u for the ppl that just discovered ur blog thanks xo


Naomi’s influence extends to every facet of the industry her body of work encompasses so many legendary projects with the most influential designers, editors, and photographers of our time. Shes been a consistent black FACE in a industry that’s white and boring and by doing that has let me know as a black woman that our beauty is VALID. Naomi has combated racism on every level and works for the diversity of all models of color who aren’t Tyra Banks. She’s just like the shit.

deal with it

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Bitch I’m me! controlledeuphoria
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