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if you’re a guy and you say you support women and feminism you better never say bitch. just take it out of your vocab it’s not hard

and gay men are…

You’re a racist. Blaming rap for making bitch a bad word is ridiculous. Just bc you think you used the words out of context doesn’t mean it’s okay to say them. A bitch is seen as a bad thing bc it’s associated w women. Pussy is the same type of thing. It’s assigning a negative meaning to womanhood even though not all women have vaginas.

that is the biggest reach.  your white male ass doesnt want to be held accountable for the historically oppressive words you use that white men created in the first place so you want to villanize rap artists aka black men?  FOH

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frankenfemme replied to your post: frankenfemme lmfaoooo omfg I can’t do …

Lmfaooo I was screaming that’s one of my favorites like how u tell ppl they can’t eat but u eating

lmao byeeee when she said theyve been together for 8 years and he corrected her and she just paid it lmaoooo #same #100emoji

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controlledeuphoria agreed to do my wedding dress like 5 years ago so at least I know that I’ll look good

2 notes frankenfemme lmfaoooo omfg I can’t do this show like the girl attacked her bridesmaid for a snickers and dropped it in a bucket of water and it made a lil drip noise lmfaooo 😫😫😭😭😂😂
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I’m likin it
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Now I’m thinking about my wedding and getting so skressed

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frankenfemme the other girl punched something and they made a punching sound effect lmfao omg

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There was a whip crack sound effect when this lady rolled her eyes on bridezillas just now and I need that

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how you gonna be incompassionate, racist AND ugly… hunty pick 2

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voguing in timbs

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I love when I see a photo of someone with thousands of notes but got ashy ass elbows

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"I am a journalist!"

why are kelly’s elbows ashy