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Nan Goldin - Couples and Loneliness
Wedding bed, Berlin (1997)
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Naomi voicing her support for trans model’s Lea T. and Carmen Carrera honestly means so much to me omg

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Sail Through by The Wake
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Auguste Perret, Interior
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Naomi, Fendi Spring/Summer 1999
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This Bridge Called My Back - Writings by Radical Women of Color
I don’t care what gender studies or queer theory class you’ve taken, you need to read this book, but be warned, it is a rare find and might expensive. It contains several essays by womanists discussing their experience, racism, poverty, how racism pervaded the feminist movement in the early 1980s and most importantly the individual experiences of asian pacific, black, american indian and latina/chicana women. This words you find in this book and the truths that will make your soul sick are imperrative for understanding the history of racism, feminism, systematic oppression and white privilege. These are stories that have, even today, been swept under the rug and out of sight. 
You need to read this fucking book. 

PDF version downloadable here.
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