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when you die and become a ghost are you forced to wear what you were wearing when you died for eternity or can you go to like Ghost Gap and buy some new ghost clothes

if theres ghost capitalism i swear to fuck ill be so mad

overthrow the boogeoisie

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Keizo Kitajima
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when he asks for nudes but you’re not in the mood


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Omahyra Mota by Rankin
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Walter Benjamin’s coloured symbols used for cross-referencing in the Paris Arcades project & the ‘Baudelaire Studies’, 1928-1940.
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11,751 notes "Do not wait until all the conditions are perfect for you to begin. Beginning makes the conditions perfect." —  Alan Cohen (via alicedraper)

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susan stewart “on longing” 1984
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Standing Nude. Amedeo Modigliani