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i wanna know where is this magical trans woman that everyone talks about who regrets getting GCS and detransistions?????  like what kind of “i have a black friend who lets me say it”  teas

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Girls in elementary school when dey see you staring from across the class


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Goldfish, 1901-1902  (detail) // Gustav Klimit
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Once I was lookin for a mall job and I put my best friend down as a reference. I totally forgot she had the Trina thong song remix as her voicemail. The lady hired me and asked of she wanted a job too.

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Stewart Uoo
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When a guy asks me if i’ve had gender confirmation surgery 
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my feminism isn’t second-wave or third-wave, it’s new wave. join me as I sing about gender stereotyping and intersectionality over a melodic synth line

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im never getting rid of my shitty flip phone this looks like film

killin it
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Bush Mama (1979)

“I know you’re in jail, T.C., and angry. But most of the time I don’t understand your letters. Talk to me easy, T.C., coz I wanna understand.”
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