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ok im taking a nap b4 miu miu night

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its so hilarious when i see other transwomen hate on girls who wear an X amount of make up like you werent on youtube doing investigative research on the kim k make up routine when you were pre-everything like sis lmao

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jessepinkmanisdreamy: Hey, Arabelle. I wanted to talk with you about something because I know you're a feminist and a make up artist. I've always rejected the idea of wearing make-up because I wanted to be as natural as possible (in this behaviour my father had a great influence). So I've been carrying a washed face almost all the time. Now I'm 25 and see some signs of aging in my face. I'd like to wear make up, but I feel like cheating or lying to others. Has something like this happened to you?. Thanks and kisses!


Nope. I have never approached makeup from the standpoint that natural is inherently more beautiful or authentic. I am staunchly #teamfake. I don’t care for the whole “beauty is an industry directed purely for the male gaze / fight the system by not wearing anything at all” boat. Nope. You can be a horrible and ugly person inside and be “beautiful just the way you are”, you can be a very untrustworthy person and be all about “au naturale”. I also think the idea of upholding naturalism as this great ethos doesn’t give space for trans people who use makeup to help them express their gender. makeup gives a lot of people agency, makeup totally helps people express their truth. a person using it to become themselves is not lying. your identity, it is an event. you become through intention and choices. starting from zero doesn’t mean you are point zero — you are more than your naked body. it is not a lie to manipulate your body through mediums in which you feel like you are becoming yourself. the whole natural/feminine association is meant to make women seem literally, actually, historically crazy. beauty has always been seen as unreasonable. this is misogynist. i do not stand for it. in reality, i really don’t give a fuck if i’m presenting “false advertising” to someone through makeup. i am constantly misread all the time anyway, as straight, as cis, as femme, as 100% white gurl. it is totally not my priority to play into people’s basic assumptions of me by not using makeup at all. it would just make people misread me at a starting point that i don’t feel i really am anymore. i use makeup to deal and negotiate myself into an identity i can survive and thrive in and this is not lying. i might be queering aesthetics, which i guess is cheating the system of tools in which i use — and so the fuck what if i am. not using beauty products doesn’t make someone inherently more morally sound than me. it just makes them poorly moisturized. 

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carol clover “men women and chainsaws” 1992
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im drinking rose listening to tinashes new album and am hopeful for LV.  i feel qt rn

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tinashes new album is retribution for tyrese leaving out aquarius on signs of love making

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kawahineaihonua replied to your post: i liked tinashe before but i love her …

srsly we aquariuses are so slept on

RIGHT LIKE!!!!!!!!!?!?!?!?!?!?  tyrese didnt even mention us on signs of love making!!!!!!!!

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i liked tinashe before but i love her now that i know shes an aquarius like me

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Aquarius by Tinashe
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u know he dead
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yes its me tumblrs premier transsexual pale blogger